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Starting in January 2024 | Every Tuesday 


I’m excited to have you join me for our “Ascend Worship Leaders Cohort.” This class will be LIFE-CHANGING!!! I’m taking years of experience leading worship in multiple contexts and sharing PROVEN principles with YOU! 

If you haven’t registered, what are you waiting for?!

Register TODAY!!! 
I’ll see in you virtual classroom. 

Until Then, I’m Rooting For You 💙


The Theology of Worship:
John 4:24 says, “they that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” 

The word truth is interpreted pattern. God has a prescribed pattern for entering the presence of the Lord. This session will take a deep dive into the New Testament pattern for worship. Through scriptural exploration, we will investigate the world of worship in an effort to strengthen the foundation and range of the worshiper. 

Worship & The Supernatural: 
“Worship is a vehicle that escorts us into the presence of the Lord, where He speaks. When we declare what He says, from that place, it changes things on the earth". 
  • Worshipers are facilitators of healings, miracles, and deliverance. 
  • Worshipers navigate and steward dimensions. 
  • Worshipers ignite a passion to pursue greater realms of presence. 
  • Worshipers bridge the gap between two worlds (two worlds singing one song)
The questions is, “HOW?” 
The session will impart the grace to HEAR and the grace to FUNCTION.

​Building a 5-Star Worship & Arts Department: 
Worship & Arts departments must be built intentionally if they are going to be impactful. The impactful worship & arts department will have strong systems, calculated rehearsals, an impartation plan, communication processes, and MORE!!!

This session will give you a step by step guide to building a worship & arts department that’s impactful, innovative, and inspiring. 

Leadership 101:
A forgotten word in the title “Worship Leader” is the word leader. Leadership is influence. The successful worship leader is one who continues to grow their leadership prowess. This session will explore a workable definition of leadership, effective communication, team building skills, and the art of influence. 

2024 Strategic Planning for Worship Departments: 
Any team will rise or fall at the level of their planning. This session will be facilitated in a “Think Tank” style to build an effective plan for your worship-leading journey and department. Let’s PLAN!

And MORE!!! 






“Dwayne is a fresh voice of worship for this generation. He carries a unique sound and has the uncanny ability to bring people to the feet of Jesus” - Bishop William Murphy III 

We would be happy to answer any other questions you might have. Please email us at

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